Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lost in Thought.....again

It happened again. I was at church and slipped into deep thought. RyuKen was there all cool style and rockin out - for some reason he puts me into a trance. I know what you're thinking...I have a man-crush. This is incorrect. Any one that knows me can tell you that Johnny Depp is my man-crush; multi-talented and complex.

This service started out just like any other. RyuKen came in and did a front handspring step out, round-off back-handspring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout right into his set. He's there jammin and I am yelling "I"m down with G.O.D!" He starts talking about "those Jesus Freaks are on to something!" My mind starts to wonder back to last weekend. There was a 14 year-old version of RyuKen on the stage pickin the axe and jumpin around. He doesn't have the stage presence of RyuKen, but it's easy to image what RyuKen was like as a young teen.

Thinking back on this younger kid was the beginning of the end for me. So here is the chain of thoughts:

Man! RyuKen is phenomeno! I wonder if has to warm up before he falls into the splits like that? hmmm that kid last week was pretty dope too. He was jumpin around with his hair all over the place, feelin the music and  feeling the Lord work through him. I wonder if he's 12?

I guess he has to be older than 12. Hmmm....that kid in the Avatar movie is supposed to be 12. Not the giant, blue monkey Avatar, but the real Avatar - the last Airbender. That little kid is an ass kicker. I can't wait for that movie to start. He has to be older than 12.

Ang is 12 in the cartoon though...hmmm....The Boy likes to watch that cartoon too. I wonder what The Boy is going to be like when he's 12? He just tested at karate and is even better than I thought he was. He has all my natural talent with Nelly's flexibility. He can pull moves now that I have never been able to do. He's gonna kill someone one day. Well not really kill some one, just smash them up really bad.

Should I keep him in karate or move him to boxing? If I move him to boxing, we can all be at the church praying for him as he goes to the Olympics! We can introduce him as the fighting pride of Montclair! That's right bitches! Gonna represent home team. Well, that wouldn't be fair to him. He is growing up and being raised in The Great State of Texas. The Fighting Pride of Texas sounds good too. And if he boxes, he will be my retirement plan. I know he'll buy Nelly a house; maybe I can get a car....

He's doing sooooo good in karate though. Even his instructor said he feels sorry for the boys in his division. Maybe he'll be the next Chuck Norris.

I wonder if people know that his name is actually Carlos Ray Norris and not Charles. I wonder how he ended up with "Chuck" as nick name? 

By this time RyuKen is finishing up his solo and the pastor is at the podium. He asks "what is one thing that you can thank God for today? Let God know the one thing that you are thankful for right now." Without hesitation I think of my family. My beautiful wife, my beautiful daughters, and my boy. I thank God for my family every day. On this day, I prayed for my lil champ - God, let the world see how great you are though The Boy; may the world see Your wonder and might though all that he will accomplish though You.

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